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We are a New York-based woman-owned online bakery specializing in Southern-based recipes for cakes, cupcakes, and various seasonal confections. We also offer gluten-friendly options for those with dietary considerations. We offer delivery options within the New York Capital District. All corporate orders must be confirmed via telephone.

Our Menu

We are honored to present to you our Southern Belle Cake Collection. A warm and sweet body of Southern-based cake recipes passed down from our beloved Matriarch “Sweet Josephine.” Thank you for trusting us to sprinkle your special occasions with our baked-with-love confections. We appreciate your discerning palate.

Warm regards,
~Sharon & Josephine

Occasion Cakes

Layered Cakes

Our tiered cakes are reminiscent of our beloved matriarch Josephine’s love of baked from scratch rich and flavorful recipes.


Our luxe cupcakes are richly delicious and pleasing to the eye. Our flavors are a take off from our traditional cake recipes. Cupcakes can also be customized for special occasions.

Your Sweet Spot

Each month we feature a cupcake naming contest through our blog “Your Sweet Spot.”

 Each month we feature a cupcake naming contest through our blog “Your Sweet Spot.” Be sure to sign up for weekly blog posts and updates.

Southern Belle Cake Collection


-Josephine’s Million$ Pound-Cake

-Seasonal Flavors

-Apple Cider Pound Cake

-Sharon’s Sweet Potato

-Pound Cake [Gluten Free]

-Funfetti Pound-Cake

-Orange Creamsicle Pound-Cake

-Plain Ol’Pound-Cake

-Lemon Poppyseed Pound-Cake

-Josephine’s Secret Pound-Cake


*Seasonal Flavors

* Sharon’s Sweet Potato Pound-Cake

* Apple Cider Pound-Cake

-Colossal Pound-Cake $75.00+shipping

Tiered Cakes

-Coconuts Charleston

-Sweet Georgia Vanilla Cake [Gluten Free]

-Louisiana Lemon Cake

-Coconut Charleston Cake

-Tennessee Turnover Cake (Pineapple)

-Harlem Hummingbird Cake

-Caramel Carolina Cake

-Kentucky Expresso Cake

-Georgia Gluten Friendly Vanilla Cake

-Poughkeepsie Pistachio Cake

-Ravena Red Velvet Cake

8” $55.00+shipping

10” $75.00+shipping


-Chocolate [Gluten Free Option]

-Butter Vanilla [Gluten Free Option]


-Butter Vanilla





$12/(6)+shipping only

$10/(4)+ shipping only

*Custom cupcakes $8.00 (per cupcake) 24 minimum


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